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What are Web Applications / Weblications?

Apps or applications are programs or software designed to work over the internet and focused on a single task, generally. Preference for web applications has seen an uptrend thanks to the increasing use of tablets and smartphones as devices to connect to the internet!

Web Report Application

Benefits of Web Applications

  • Works on any device
  • Web applications, contrary to computer software, work from any device, regardless of whether the device is a desktop, laptop or a mobile. All that's required is a web browser and internet connectivity! The type of OS that the device runs on, doesn't matter anymore!

  • Safer
  • Since Web apps run from a browser and don't reside on a computer, they are much safer than desktop software which are prone to viruses, malware and spyware.

  • Always remains updated
  • Web apps can update themselves automatically, so there’s no need for you to manually upgrade it nor go through a long installation process. Whenever you use it, it will be the latest one with all the new features and improvements. No maintenance or updation required at the user-end!

  • Cost effective
  • Due to the reduced need for support and maintenance, web applications prove to be more cost-effective than similar traditional desktop software.

  • Access data from anywhere
  • Unlike a desktop application, a web application frees up access to your data. So you can access your data (which is now stored online) from any web browser on any device connected to the internet. This allows you to widen access to your data for your users (customers, suppliers and third parties).

Types of Web Applications

Contact Management System Contact Management System

  • It stores details of all your contacts be it client, supplier or any category.
  • Data privacy - Authorized users can mark certain important or sensitive records as private.
  • Maintain detailed information like birthdate, anniversary date, products supplied etc.
  • Extensive Search feature enables you to search records on all relevant fields.

Quotation Management & TrackingQuotation Management & Tracking

  • Send quotations to your prospective clients using this system module.
  • Quotations are sent as PDF format - which gives a good impression to your clients as well as helps in preventing any data tampering.
  • Can also 'Attach' documents with your quotation.
  • Follow ups can be scheduled and tracked.
  • Track all your quotations - sent, pending, follow-up to be done, order received etc.

Client Support Integration System Client Support Integration System

  • Track all your client's complaints through this system module.
  • A must for every service providing company.
  • Through an intelligent 'Dashboard' keep track of total calls received/attended/pending for the day.
  • Detailed reports for every call, engineer, client or item.
  • Schedule your engineer visits for future dates so that they are not missed.
  • Keep a tab on your engineers through analyzing how many calls handled, time spent etc.

CRM Application CRM Application

  • Track all the interactions that you do with your Clients as part of CRM.
  • Keep a record of every small detail viz. who called, with whom spoken, at what time etc.
  • Schedule your calls for future dates so that no client is missed.
  • If any follow-up has to be done, that too can be scheduled.

Inventory With Barcoding Inventory With Barcoding

  • Manage business efficiently with Intelligent Stock Reporting.
  • Centralize all your branches.
  • Minimal data entry saves time and reduces errors.
  • Barcode or serialize your product.
  • All documents generated in PDF format prevent data tampering.

Features of CMS / QMS / CSIS

  • Integrated : All the applications will be accessed via a common login. You can designate which application can be accessed by which all users.
  • Responsive look : Applications has been programmed and designed in such a way that it would work seamlessly on a smartphone screen, tablets, Notebook PC's as also the large display monitor of a desktop PC.
  • PDF output : All reports can be printed in PDF format.
  • Email feature : Emailing to clients/engineers is possible directly from the application.
  • Customizable as per your requirement : Most important feature is since this application is a not readymade application available in the market, we can customize the application as per your need and remove certain features which is not relevant for your field. At the same time any new additional features can be incorporated into the application.