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Laptop Repairs

We provide laptop repair and upgrading services. We have trained engineers to handle all problems w.r.t. Software & Hardware issues.

Laptop repair-related services that we offer :

  • Laptop overheating problem
  • Laptop repairs
  • Laptop LCD screen repair
  • Laptop broken hinges
  • Laptop body breakage
  • Laptop maintenance
  • Laptop upgrade
  • Memory/hard disk upgrade
  • Card / hardware upgrade
  • Operating system installation
  • Data back-up, Virus removal
  • Data recovery

Laptop care-related Tips :

  • To properly care for your battery(s) you need to drain and recharge weekly - it will extend the battery life.
  • Always close down the lid when you are not using your laptop. Avoid touching the LCD screen that leaves fingerprints. Regularly clean it with cloth or one of those anti-static monitor wipes.
  • ALSO take care of the hinges. Most people clean their laptop screens but neglect their hinges. Open and close your laptop from the middle and slowly and smoothly!
  • If you use your laptop as desktop replacement, do not leave it plugged most of the time to avoid the detrimental effect on your battery life.
  • Save yourself an expensive repair by being over-cautious with your cord and power jack (especially when plugging and unplugging).
  • Again, should be obvious, do not drop, be alert to edges of tables, wire routing etc. Do not spill and keep all liquids at a far distance from your laptop.
  • Air it out, keep it cool. DO NOT place on bed, pillow, blanket as anything that blocks your vent holes is bad.
  • Keep your brightness down as far as you can still see comfortably. This shall help the battery life.
  • And follow other care tips that one should pay heed to when using desktop computers - viz. Defragging hard drives not only speeds up data access, it also improves performance. Remove unused programs and other components that only consume memory. Clear your temporary internet files folder and cookies. Delete duplicate files or other huge files that you no longer use to free up space.
  • Before accessing the internet from your laptop, install a good ANTI-VIRUS and ANTI-SPYWARE to help protect your system from viruses and malwares. Turn on your firewall for added layer of security. Turn on pop-up blockers to avoid those intrusive advertising that may install software on your laptop. Avoid visiting unknown websites/links or opening email attachments from unknown sender to prevent risk of infection.