Data Backup and Recovery
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Data Backup & Recovery

Maintaining & managing ever increasing data has become very critical and a major concern to organizations. The right backup strategy as per the business needs is very important. WIIPL's reliable and advanced backup and restore service provides a handy solution. WIIPL offers multiple options on backup depending on the criticality of data and the recovery time.

Similarly for restoring of data, WIIPL provides recovery solutions as per the situation and media involved. Client data is handled with care and privacy which is of utmost priority for anyone.

Also, the computer continues to become an indispensable family appliance for school projects, homework, e-mail, storing digital photos and downloading Internet videos & music.

Losing your computer data is one of the biggest fears in the technology age. With your computer containing data, such as important documents, financial accounts, appointments, work files, graphic files and much more, losing your data can be a terrifying prospect.

Unforeseen circumstances, such as electrical fluctuations, theft, data crash can lead to loss of your vital files and data stored on your computer. To protect yourself against such situations talk to us right away for our customised Backup Services.

By conducting regular back-up of data, you can be rest assured that your most important files are safe and secure all the time!

A quick proactive step now can PROTECT you forever!

Data Backup and Recovery