CSIS : Customer Support Integrated System

CSIS is useful to all service providers who handle customer complaints. Those who have annual service contracts with their clients, those who send engineers for attending calls, this application is the best solution for them. Right from saving detailed information about each complaint it also saves detail of each product at the customer end.

This will contain details of all your clients. Along with address and contact details we also provide fields for saving landmark, its associated names, search tags etc. Search feature will be provided which you can use to search any record.

You can store all the products information that you maintain at the client end. If the product is under AMC then we also give facility to save type of AMC, AMC period, invoice details etc. For each product a unique number gets generated. You can also generate label stickers of same and attach at the client-end.

This will save all the information right from when the call was received till how it was resolved. It is a detailed form recording all the important information.

Here you get to view all the calls with a search form which can be used to search calls on different parameters.

Call Report : Call report that gets generated for each call.

Client Report : View all calls for a selected client.

Engineer Report : View all calls for a selected engineer with details of how much time they spend for each call.

Config Search Report : Search for any config number and get all its details.

Client Product Warranty : View details of upcoming products at client-end whose warranty getting expired.

Intuitive Dashboard : Our dashboard gives you a glimpse of all the important information. For ex. Calls received today, calls in process, total calls done by engineers in last 15 days and much more.

Schedule calls : You can schedule the calls to a future date so that no calls get missed to attend.

Add multiple calls in one go : If only few relevant details only required then multiple calls can be added in one single screen.

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