Website Designing

  • At Wide Infotech, we believe in taking a 'holistic' approach to designing websites. Site aesthetics plays a role but is not the only factor considered by us in making a website successful. Hence we steer clear of the 'bells and whistles' approach and plump for using subtle design elements, creating fast-loading and result-oriented websites.

    This results in a site created -

    • with minimum clutter so that the site visitor can focus on what is important and not get distracted by too many 'sales pitches'.
    • with high content readability (not lost in fancy and unnecessary design elements).
    • with all pages reachable from anywhere within the site.
    • with clear listing of products/services offered with focus on key products/services on the home page, simultaneously.
    • with an easy way to receive feedback from the site visitor.
    • which can change its appearance and layout based on the size of the screens it is viewed upon. In other words, it is a responsive site.

    Some of our Websites

  • Why have websites

    The importance of having your website.

  • Do you need a mobile website? If no, or you are unsure, then see these statistics and you might want to reconsider.

    According to various studies undertaken, adults spend more media time on mobile than newspapers and magazines combined. And it is a known fact, that many mobile and tablet users use their devices not only for price comparisions, reading reviews and doing searches, but also for online shopping. A 2011 survey states 81% of users prefer mobile sites to apps for price research, 79% for product reviews, 63% for purchasing.

    It is estimated that the global internet usage will more than double by 2015, and most of these users will be mobile! This only underlines the fact that mobile segment cannot be ignored anymore.

    Still not convinced? Then see the below statistics -

    Mobile Statistics

    Mobile Statistics
    Mobile Statistics
    Mobile Statistics
    Mobile Statistics

  • Our web servers

    • are based in Houston, USA
    • provide state-of-the-art infrastructure
    • are secured with firewall, state-of-the-art security tools and hardware
    • have minimum downtime