Longer Backup UPS


Powersafe's Longer Backup UPS come with features like off-mode charging, a digital inverter, etc. They are ideal for the SOHO segment.

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  • Powersafe Longer Backup UPS

    Available in five models:
    • Microcontroller based digital inverter
    • Fast change over
    • Off mode charging
    • Cold Start on battery
    • Gen Set compatible
    • 24 months warranty
    • Selectable input voltage range (in 850 and 1600)
    600 LCD/LED, 850 LCD/LED & 1600 LCD
    • Runs Home Appliances, Fan, Light and Computer
    • Selectable Intelligent CVCC Battery Charger (in 850 and 1600)
    • MOSFET based Battery Reverse protection (in 850 and 1600)
    • Over load protection with auto restart.
    • Input over current protection with miniature circuit breaker
    • Easy to repair Single sided PCB
  • Powersafe Longer Backup UPS

    Ideal for

    • Small Offices
    • Homes and Home Office
  • Specifications of Powersafe Longer Backup UPS

      PS 600LF PS 850LF PS 1600LF
    Capacity VA/W 600VA 850VA 1600VA
    Voltage Range 100-300VAC 170-280VAC (Narrow Range)
    90-280VAC (Wide Range)
    Voltage Regulation (Bat) +/- 10%
    Frequency (Bat) 50Hz +/-1Hz
    Output Waveform (Bat) Modified Sine Wave
    Battery & Charger
    DC Bus Voltage 12V 24V
    Transfer Time (Typical) 10ms Typical, 20ms max
    No. of Batteries One Two
    Battery Capacity 65AH to 200AH 65AH to 200AH
    Charging Current 10A Selectable: Low 10A, High 20A
    Battery Reverse Protection Yes, Fuse Based.
    Fuse will blow.
    Yes, MOSFET based.
    No fuse will blow.
    Display (LED) 3 LEDs indicating: Mains On, Inverter On, Battery Low, Over Load and Fault
    Display (LCD) Input & Output Voltage, Battery & Load Level, Mains and Battery mode
    Audible Alarm
    Low Battery at Battery Mode Sounding every second
    Overload Sounding every 0.5 second
    Fault Continuously Sounding
    Mains Fail or Recover Beeps once
    Protection Battery Reverse (fuse), Over Charger, Over Discharge, Over Load
    (D x W x H mm)
    359 x 97 x 147 288 x 290 x 127
    Net Weight (kgs) 4.7 7 10
    * Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.
  • Load Factor Chart

    Model PS 600LF PS 850LF PS 1600LF
    Option A 3 Fan, 4 Tube 4 Fan, 6 Tube 7 Fan, 8 Tube
    Option B 2 Fan, 3 Tube, 1 TV 3 Fan, 5 Tube, 1 TV 6 Fan, 7 Tube, 1 TV
    Option C 1 Fan, 3 Tube, 1PC 2 Fan, 3 Tube, 1PC 5 Fan, 6 Tube, 1PC
    * Actual load condition will depend on the specifications of the equipment connected.
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