Thecus N2350


The Thecus N2350 has a few features not typically found on entry-level NASes—hot swappable drives and iSCSI support. Even better, it supports iSCSI initiator, a feature lacking even in many much more expensive NASes. With iSCSI initiator, you can use other NASes running as iSCSI targets to create a very large storage pool on the N2350.

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  • Thecus N2350

    • Embedded with Marvell Armada Dual Core CPU
    • 1GB of DDR4 RAM
    • Running on the newly-designed, enhanced ThecusOS™ 7.0
    • Uninterrupted Accessibility with Thecus System Failover
    • Mobile Access with Thecus Connect and
    • Cloud Service Backup with Amazon S3
    • RAID Support (0,1 and JBOD)
    • Plex Media Support
  • Specifications of Thecus N2350

    1. Hardware Functions
    Processor Marvell Armada 385 Dual Core 1GHz SoC
    System Memory 1GB DDR4 on board
    Flash Memory 512MB NAND Flash
    LAN Interface RJ-45x1 : 100/1000 BASE-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X
    WOL supported
    USB Interface USB 3.0 port x2 (Rear)
    LED Indicator 1. Power, system busy (Blue) Solid on till SW involved, after SW involved led blink to indicate power on process. State change to solid on while system ready.
    2. HDD1-2 Activity/Fail(Blink Blue/Orange)
    3. LAN (Link : Solid blue; Activity : Blink blue)
    4. USB (Installed: solid on, copy LED: Blink blue, copy failed: orange)
    5. System status (i): For system diagnostic use. (blue: blink while diagnostic mode kick-in, solid on while diagnostic completed, if error occurred, USB led with orange led on)
    Disk Interface 2 x SATA for internal, support SATA II / SATA III hard disk
    HDD staggered Supported
    Power Supply 40W external power adaptor
    System Clock Battery-backed up system clock
    Buttons Power button
    USB copy button
    Reset button (Reset to factory default)
    Environment Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
    Humidity: 0 ~ 80 % R.H. (Non-condensing)
    Chassis 2bays Tower
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 135 x 97 x 207 (mm)/5.33 x 3.83 x 8.14 (in)
    Noise Under 20dB
    Certificates CE/FCC/C-Tick/VCCI/BSMI
    Reliability test Power Consumption test
    Noise dB test
    Temp 0~40°C test
    2. Software Functions
    RAID Modes RAID 0, 1, and JBOD
    Auto-rebuild Supported
    Hot-swap Supported
    Hot Spare Supported
    Online RAID Expansion Supported
    Power Management Available spin-down on idle setting
    Bad Block Scanning Supported
    SMART Info Supported
    SMART Test Supported
    Disk Roaming Supports volume-based roaming to other Thecus NAS (Require ThecusOS 7 )
    Disk Wipe and Clone Supported
    Secure Disk Supported
    Configuration Fixed IP address, dynamic IP address
    Transport Protocols TCP/IP/AppleTalk
    File Protocols SMB/CIFS, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, NFS v4, AFP
    TCP/IP IPV6 & IPV4
    DDNS Supported
    SSH Supported
    UPnP Supported
    UPnP Port forwarding Supported
    Bonjour Supported
    VPN Server Supported
    vLan Supported
    System status
    System Monitor Monitoring CPU, memory, Temperature, fan, network utilization and protocols access user count
    Syslog Management Send syslog to assigned location
    Act as syslog server to receive log info from other systems
    Data Access
    Client OS Support Windows XP and after
    Windows Server 2003 and after
    Mac OS X
    FTP Built-in FTP server with bandwidth control
    Secure FTP Built-in secure FTP server with bandwidth control
    TFTP Users can download and upload files with TFTP programs
    Download Manager BT download (via Transmission module)
    WebDAV/WebDAV SSL Supported
    Printer Server (IPP) Supports USB printers
    Supports a wide range of IPP printers
    Client can manage print tasks (list/delete) via web user interface
    Data Backup
    Mac OS X Time Machine Supported
    Local folder/iSCSI Backup Supported
    Remote folder/iSCSI Backup Supported
    System Failover Supported
    Block Level Access
    iSCSI Target/Initiator Supports Microsoft/Mac OS X/Linux initiators and Thecus NAS targets
    iSCSI Thin Provisioning Supported
    Power Management
    Scheduled Power On/Off Supported
    Volume Management
    Multiple RAID Supported
    Multiple File System Selectable EXT4/XFS
    Multimedia Support
    iTunes Server Supports AAC, MP3 w/ID3 tag and WAV
    Media Server Supports uPnP AV streaming protocol (via Module)
    User Authentication
    Local User Supports built-in user accounts
    Local Group Supports built-in user groups
    Windows ADS Supported
    LDAP Supported
    Access Guard Supports Black & White list / IP Filter
    User Profile
    Photo Center Supported
    File Center Supported
    APP Center Supported
    Surveillance Center Supported
    Cloud Backup
    Amazon S3 Supported
    File System
    Type Journaling File System
    Language Support Unicode Support
    Authorization (ACL) “Read”, “write”, or “deny” privileges to individual users or groups in folders and sub-folders
    User Quota Supported (exclude Btrfs)
    User Interface Web-based user interface supports English, Traditional Chinese, Simplfied Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian.
    Utility Program (Intelligent NAS) MS Windows Setup Wizard
    Supports Windows XP and after
    Windows Server 2003 and after
    Mac OS X Setup Wizard
    Email Notifications Sends system messages via email to the system administrator
    SNMP Trap System information trap out
    Mobile Applications (iOS/Android)
    Thecus Connect™ (Android) Provides live up-to-date information of your NAS
    Thecus Wizard™ Offers fast NAS Setup via your phone
    T-OnTheGo™ Upload, download and stream multimedia Uploading, downloading, streaming multimedia and webcam via P2P connection
    Recycle Bin Supported
    ISO Mount Supported

    **Thecus ID & DDNS setup requirements: An ADSL or Cable modem and router (that supports configurable UPnP port forwarding or IGD).

  • Ideal for

    • home media center
    • home CCTV management
    • daily data backups
    • budget solutions for SOHO
    • personal cloud
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