About Us

  • Wide Infotech offers you a wide range of solutions that address your IT needs and problems. Solutions such as -

    • Web Solutions - Designing and hosting of your website; Promoting it amongst the search engines; Designing of applications customized just for you and which run from any browser.
    • Mobile Solutions - Designing of mobile applications for the iOS and Android devices; Designing websites that display on smaller screens as well.
    • Product solutions - Data backup & storage solutions which solve your data backup woes; eSecurity & firewalls which secure your computers against the varied cyber threats; power backup products which ensure that your computer setup suffers no stoppage on account of power cuts and other power problems.
    • Services - over and above these, we also offer to maintain your computer setup for you; take your data backups and/or recover your lost data; repair your favourite laptop; help setup your computer network and annual maintenance services.

    So you'll agree that it is a 'wide' range of offerings from our end!

    Based out of Mumbai, our dedicated team commits to offer you quality and the best technology that is available in the infotech field. This has seen us offer you the emerging trends in the industry - whether they be mobile websites, mobile applications, responsive websites or any latest product offering!

    We believe we must be on the right track, since our beginnings in 1989, by our CEO, Parag Shah, as we have forged close relationships with not only our customers but with our business partners too!

    • Trust & Respect for our customers. We listen. We learn. We care.
    • Quality pursuance in everything we do
    • Integrity - Keeping to one's word - with our employees, customers and vendors.
  • What's important to me is that our staff wants to come to work early in the morning, our customers want to do business with us year after year and we continue to attract the best of industry's suppliers.

  • Our mission is to continously provide the best and most updated products and services in sync with the prevailing times and the need of the customer coupled with the best of personal but professional service.

    To be an indispensable service provider to our clients who receive value added services that propel their business to greater heights.